Product FAQ

Product FAQ
Insta Slim Compression Garments help you get in Shape and…
• Flatten your Stomach!
• Help in Weight Loss!
• Improve your Posture!
• Offer All Day Back Support!
• Comfortable and Durable
• Special Revolutionary Spandex-Blend Fibers

What are Compression Garments?
Compression products are designed to provide a certain amount of compression to target areas of the body. Whether it’s your tummy that needs flattening, your waist that needs more accentuating, or your hips that need taming, Insta Slim compression products is the answer to a shapelier, slimmer body. There are different levels of compression that affect the stretchiness or give of a garment and how well it shapes and support the body.

As the name compression suggests, the garments can provide the effect or illusion of weight loss. The garment will hug your figure and compress it so your body will look slimmer. The fat will be restrained so all you see is a toned slimmer body and for ladies your beautiful curves will be accentuated. The garments are typically made of a blend of Nylon/Spandex that stretch and follow your body contour nicely hiding and slimming away unwanted bumps. Wear it and watch the fabric stretch, squeeze and couture your body instantly.

Another benefit is the fabrics ability to draw moisture away from the body, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in summer.

Do Compression Garments Help in Weight Loss?
The compression garments can be used to aid in weight loss because it not only gives the illusion of losing weight, it helps motivate people to keep going with their exercise regimen. Along with being a benefit to the body during and after a good workout, when you wear the close fitting garments, muscles may appear more toned. It helps you improve in your physical activities, great for running, working out, playing sports, or everyday activities.
Another way this compression garment aides in weight loss is by using it daily and because the attire is compressing the body in a way that it gently begins applying pressure as you move. Because this type of massage breaks up cellulite, it can help exert the fat cells into the shape of the garment itself. It’s almost as though the shape that it gives you will remain that way if worn long enough.

Athletic Support
Compression garments built for athletes, rather than as a cosmetic garment, can improve athletic performance. They do this by improving circulation and giving muscles additional support. Better athletic performance can motivate you to exercise more and more exercise is a proven method for breaking up excess fat and losing weight. The results of this comfortable durable and tight fitting garment are you look and feel good and add a big boost your confidence.

Health Benefits
Some other essential functions of compression shirts include comforting people with medical conditions or after having plastic surgery. People who have had Liposuction, back surgery, breast augmentation among other procedures, often use the compression garments so skin stays intact and a faster less painful recovery.

Insta Slim Features & Benefits of Improving posture and Back support:
Insta Slim compression products comfortably support and strengthen the lower back as well as abdominal muscles. With Insta Slims fabric, you will get firm, yet comfortable and optimal support with a dimensional form fitting look and feel. Insta Slim compression products help soothe back pain, provide optimum support to the lumbar area and abs, without sacrificing comfort and doesn’t move or slide while you have it on.
Insta Slims lightweight and thin fabric is ideal for all-day use. The products focus is on the stomach, waist, hips and lower back. Insta Slim offers maximum support to the spine, hips and abdomen by reducing muscle vibration and fatigue. These products also help alleviate lower back pain, support the abdominal and lower back muscles and reduce shock resulting from running or working out on hard surfaces.
Insta Slim compression products are recommended by chiropractors and trainers to help build core muscle strength and encourage better posture. Insta Slim also offers temporary pain relief for joints. The seamless, stretchy design and the comfortable fit help keep your body at a comfortable temperature, ease back pain and improve posture. The all-day support activates lumbar and abdominal muscles without constricting movement. Great for everyday wear.

About Insta Slim
Insta Slim is a California corporation that was established and Launched in 2007 by Mr. Houshang Jalili. Mr. Jalili has 40+ years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of women’s tummy control swim and sportswear designs and fabrication. His vision of creating undergarments and accessories using the compression fabric lead to the development of the revolutionary compression shirts and other garments and accessories that help men and women look slimmer and toned instantly. And by wearing the products every day and all day at home, work and while exercising your body will sooner or later accept and display the new shape given by the Insta Slim compression garments.
To ensure the success of Insta Slim, we invested heavily in the necessary research to not only meet and exceed women's and men’s expectations in wearing compression products in terms of comfort and style, but to also provide scientific proof that will confirm claims of muscle toning and caloric burning as you do your daily activities. We created focus groups that allowed us learn from our consumers' the results they accomplished by wearing the Insta Slim products.
Over the course of nearly one year of testing and trials, Insta Slim products were perfected to not only provide optimal shaping instantly, toning and calorie burning benefits, but also to be one of the most comfortable compression products that can be worn all day every day.

The incredible, original and proven Insta Slim compression wear – is the revolutionary body compression product that will help men and women instantly look up to 5 inches slimmer, firmer, in shape and toned, also improve their posture, offer support in the lower and upper back, flatten the stomach, eliminate love handles and burn more calories during everyday activities.

Most men and woman don’t have time to get to the gym, but with Insta Slim, they instantly look in shape and get a workout as they do their daily routine!

With these products the benefits go beyond ordinary compression products - Insta Slim instantly gives a sleeker silhouette. Men and women also see and feel the difference physically and mentally and are more motivated, with the incentive that overtime and with regular wear of these products they will look and feel better in their own bodies.

With incredible resistance in the fabric of the garment, the muscles surrounded will work a little harder allowing you to burn more calories during daily activities, and by wearing the compression garment your subconscious will tell you to eat less, watch your calorie intake and remind you that you are on your way to getting in shape, looking and feeling great.

Our consumers’ testimonies have proven that when wearing Insta Slim comfortable compression garments under their clothes they feel their muscles working harder during natural movement, during daily activities and by simply walking they have burned MORE calories.
Insta Slims revolutionary blend of 72% Nylon and 28% Spandex fibers provide firm compression and support. They stay cool and comfortable, are easy to wear all day every day and can replace any and all your undergarments for a better-looking you, instantly!

Testimonies: Don’t take our word for it! Check out our Testimonies online from our satisfied customers online

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q1 - What is Insta Slim? Insta Slim Compression Wear – is the first-ever body compression product that in addition to providing a smoother silhouette instantly it also helps both men and women appear to be in shape and toned. With everyday wear they also offer excellent back support, improve your posture and burn more calories during everyday activities.

Q2 - How does Insta Slim work? Insta Slims compression products are made of a special blend of Nylon/Spandex with firm control that will reshape your body giving the illusion of losing weight instantly. Wearing the compression products on a daily basis make your muscles work a little harder during natural movement, like walking. Men and women will instantly look and feel as if they fit a simple yet powerful workout into their everyday routine.

Q3 - Why was Insta Slim developed? Houshang jalili made hundreds and thousands of garments for women using compression fabrics, and he observed that many of his customers needed motivation to exercise. He recognized that more and more of his customers were looking for everyday garments with support, a better look and fit, and to improve their posture. That’s when he got the idea and decided to take the compression control fabric to the next level, creating compression products that would help men and women change their appearance instantly.
By applying the principles of resistance training to compression products, Houshang Jalilis’ fabric content provided firm control that was reshaping the body instantly, giving the appearance of a slimmer body while making muscles work a little harder during natural movement, like walking and or doing daily activities, and an added bonus of excellent back support and better posture. The concept is that when muscles work harder, more calories are burned thus helping you achieve a slimmer and better body.
Insta Slim was born. Houshang Jalili transformed the concept of ordinary compression products with Insta Slim, a compression product that not only provides a sleek silhouette instantly but also shapes, tones builds confidence and gives you a preview, the incentive of the body you should work for.

Q4 - Where can we buy Insta Slim? Insta Slim is available online, visit our website

Q5 – Where is Insta Slim Manufactured? Insta Slim is proudly manufactured in the United States in the state of California city of Irvine.

Q6 - Can we expect to see additional products in the line? Yes. We have many additional products Coming Soon; additions to our men’s line, Women’s shapewear “Instant Figure, accessories and health & wellness products, to meet all your daily needs. Please visit us online at

Q7 – What are the benefits of wearing Insta Slim? The benefits of Insta Slim extend beyond ordinary compression wear – it not only makes you look up to 5 inches slimmer, giving you a sleek silhouette instantly, but it also offers excellent back support, improves your posture and if you look better you’ll feel better too. Insta Slim has been proven to appeal to a wide range of men, young men, women and young women who want to fit a workout into their normal activity, including new moms who want to get back in to shape, men and women who want to look great for work, meeting with clients, upcoming special events, and or just about any anyone that wants to be in shape, fit looking and feeling great instantly.

Q8 - Does Insta Slim improve your posture? Yes, Insta Slim helps and offers excellent back support. Insta Slim strengthens and tones muscles to help you stay erect, prevent slouching and reduce backache.

Q9 - Does Insta Slim help in weight loss? Insta Slim compression wear helps you look up to 5 inches slimmer instantly, and over time with daily wear Insta Slim helps you burn calories as you go about you daily activities. Men and women can see and feel a difference in their bodies instantly and over time achieve the body they’ve always wanted.

Q10 - How long should Insta Slim be worn? To get the most from your Insta Slim, we recommend wearing it 8-12 hours a day, 7 days a week during normal daily activity, exercise, a night on the town every occasion, no matter the location. Insta Slim is comfortable enough to wear all day, every day. The more a person moves throughout the day, the greater the benefits from Insta Slim. Some people are wearing the products even while they sleep.

Q11 - Do muscles feel tired/sore at the end of the day? No. Insta Slim is comfortable enough to wear all day, every day without making muscles tired or sore.

Q12 - Is this garment comfortable in the summer when it's hot? Yes, Insta Slim is comfortable enough to wear all day every day. The fabric has an innovative finish for exceptional breathability and dryness. The fabric has the ability to draw moisture away from the body, keeping you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Q13 - How much resistance should I expect to feel when wearing Insta Slim? Insta Slim provides over 80% more resistance than traditional compression products causing muscle contraction and creating the slimming/toning effect. The resistance you feel while wearing Insta Slim will be noticeable immediately and more during daily activities. It is comfortable enough to wear all day every day, it will not feel as intense as a resistance-based workout you do in the gym. The more you wear it and the more you move throughout your day, the greater the benefit

Q14 – What is the care instruction for Insta Slim? To extend the life of your Insta Slim compression product, machine wash cold, use Non-Chlorine bleach, tumble dry low or line dry.

Q15 – How to pick my right size? Insta Slim fits true to size. To maximize the benefits, it's important that you use the Insta Slim size chart to ensure you choose the one that's right for you. We are now offering extended sizes Big & Tall 4X, 5X, 6X to meet all our customer demands.